Southwest Bison Pizza Recipe

I’ve been buying bison for years. In fact, whenever I see it at my local grocery, I usually buy as much as I can afford because of how delicious it is. Bison is the leaner and sweeter cousin to traditional beef, which makes it not only a healthier choice but also a more flavorful one. This bison pizza shows bison at its best!”  – Felicia, The Starving Chef

Bison and pizza? You bet! This Southwest-style pizza recipe from The Starving Chef has our mouths watering. Topped with Lone Peak Ground Bison, fire roasted tomatoes and corn, black beans and red peppers, you couldn’t ask for a more flavorful meal!  Watch the video below for Felicia’s easy how-to, or for a printable recipe and step-by-step directions, visit The Starving Chef Blog.

Southwest Bison Pizza
Southwest Bison Pizza
Southwest Bison Pizza
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