Lone Peak Bison Products

All Natural Lone Peak brand bison products are the finest quality bison meat products available. Stringent quality control and extended shelf life combine to result in products that you will come back for time and again.

  • Raised Humanely
  • Raised Without Hormones
  • Raised Without Antibiotics
  • Never Fed Animal By-Products

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Lone Peak Ground Bison is available at Walmart.

Our Bison Products

Marketside Butcher Ground Bison

Fresh Ground Bison

Ground Bison is extremely versatile; you can use in place of beef in most recipes. Note that because bison is much leaner than beef, it cooks faster so keep an eye on your stovetop or grill when cooking bison.

Cooking Tip

Making burgers? Cook to medium-rare or medium for the best flavor and texture; well-done will dry out the meat. Also, don’t overload burgers with condiments as you might with beef. Bison has a delicious flavor all on its own. If you want to take your burgers up a notch, we highly recommend our Black & Blue Bison Burger.

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