Diamond Tail Ranch

Diamond Tail Ranch logoThe Duncan family has owned the Diamond Tail Ranch since 1979. In 1986, Mike Duncan, the family’s managing partner, introduced Buffalo to the ranch. The advantages soon became clear and a switch was made. The ranch is located in a large mountain valley of Northern Colorado. Today our primary herds consist of Buffalo and Corriente cattle. The ranch manager, Scott Butcher, handles all breeding herd operations and hay production. Scott has many years of experience with livestock handling, nutrition and health. We recognize that the buffalo are one of the most efficient utilizers of grass. The vast “seas of grasslands” that the earliest explorers witnessed are evidence of the important relationship between grazing animals and range conditions. We don’t try to micro manage our herds. We attempt to have them mimic the natural conditions in which they evolved – a strategy that allows us to minimize our inputs and capitalize on the ranges’ renewable resource.

Diamond Tail Ranch

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